1. "Thanks Dr. Thomas I feel great!"

    I was afraid to go to a chiropractor after my car accident because I was so sore I did not want anyone to touch my neck. Dr. Thomas educated me on whiplash injuries and how chiropractic care would help. I felt immediate relief after my first adjustment. Dr. Thomas has many different ways to give an …Read More

  2. Family Care

    “The whole family has had great results! I’m more comfortable at work, my wife’s neck is pain-free; my two young daughters had significant reduction in earaches. The girls trust Dr. Thomas and so do we!” -  The Kincaid Family, Chicopee, MA…Read More

  3. Arthritis

    “After a month of treatment with Dr. Thomas, my arthritis doctor told me I didn’t need the cortisone injections or Celebrex. I recommend that everybody try Dr. Thomas before injections.” - Joyce Manning, retired, (early 70’s)…Read More

  4. Back Pain

    “I had to jump from a 2nd story home which causes constant back pain for over 5 years. His treatment eliminated my constant pain and kept me working. I absolutely love getting adjusted. Thank you Dr. Thomas!” - Angel. Caquias, Firefighter, Springfield, MA (age 30’s)…Read More

  5. Neck & Shoulder Pain

    “I suffered from headaches, left arm pain and numbness in my fingers. I couldn’t sleep on my side for more than 5 minutes.Since I been coming to Dr. Thomas, my numbness and arm pain is GONE as well as my headaches. Without my adjustments I truly believe I would still be suffering. Thank you so m…Read More