It only takes a split second for a car to unexpectedly hit you from behind, or to get blindsided by a tackle, or to slip on a slick surface. Any sudden blow or impact to your body can cause whiplash injuries.YOur body is pretty tough and most parts can handle a lot of abuse, but your neck is particularly vulnerable to injury from impacts to your body. The relatively heavy weight of your head puts a lot of strain on the neck when you receive a blow o the body. Even the sudden recovery of your balance after slipping on a wet floor or on ice can throw your head around and strain your neck. ┬áThe sinister part is that you may not notice symptoms at first. It can take days, weeks, even years in some cases fr symptoms to develop. Too often people don’t seek help until more serious complications develop. Even after whiplash victims settle their insurance claims some 45% report they still suffer with symptoms two years after. Outcomes improve and pain relief is the greatest the earlier you seek help. You will also find inside that chiropractic is one of the only proven remedies for whiplash injury. SO DON”T WAIT! If your body has received any sudden impact play it safe and get a chiropractic check up form Dr. Thomas. Even if you no symptoms after an accident you should be thoroughly examined. Symptoms are often delayed for days. The delay in symptoms and the long term consequences make it important to get examined after any accident. DONT WAIT. CALL US FOR AN APPOINTMENT. We have proven ways to care for whiplash.