The prestigious British Medical Journal recently published a study that concluded that manual therapy “is more effective and less costly for treating neck pain” than either physiotherapy or acre provided by a general practitioner.” Neck pain can be caused by many things including stress,accidents, bad pillows, poor sleeping positions, repetitive use like cradling a phone and degenerative changes to the upper spine common in old age. Some 20 million Americans are estimated to suffer from non-working related neck pain. This recent study compared three of the most popular forms of care for neck pain, which were manual care, physiotherapy and medical care by a general practitioner . The manual care consisted of low velocity, hands-on, spinal mobilization, which chiropractic doctors frequently use. (higher velocity spinal manipulation.also commonly used by chiropractic doctors was not tested.) The physiotherapy, usually performed by physical therapists, consisted of postural relation exercises, stretches, and functional exercises. The general practitioner care offered prescription drugs necessary, advice, and an educational booklet but otherwise was a wait and see approach with follow up hits allowed every two weeks. All the patients had suffered from neck pain for at last two weeks prior to the study. After seven weeks 68% of the manual care group had recovered compared to 51% of the physiotherapy and 36% of the general practice group. These differences remained statistically significant at the 26 week mark and still remained superior for manual care at 52 weeks.

In addition, the manual care group missed less work, aerating ony 1.3 days off during the year due to neck pain, compared to an average 10.4 days for the general practitioner group.

Certainly the bottom line is finding relief for your neck pain. This British study summed it up finding chiropractic care for neck pain superior to medical management and highly more effective than physiotherapy typically provided by physical therapists. Dr. Thomas specializes in low velocity treatments for neck pain combined with state of the art chiropractic tools to provide safe, effective and long term management to neck pain.