Neck Injuries

  There is a condition called whiplash. You’ve probably heard that term before.

Picture yourself sitting in your car which is stopped at a red light in Springfield, East Longmeadow, Chicopee or Holyoke, MA. Or perhaps you’re slowing down while approaching the light in West Springfield, Agawam or Wilbraham.

The driver of the car behind you does not see the RED light in time and is late in applying his brakes. BANG and your car launches forward quickly and unexpectedly and yes now you’re in an automobile accident.

Your body is brought forward SUDDENLY!

        All except your Head and NECK.

This JERK (caused by the accident only) “whiplashes” your neck.

Your head is snapped back so forcefully that your hat is thrown to the back seat. Your head cannot fall like that because of it’s attachment to your neck (and that is why your neck always suffers the most, even if you don’t have much pain.).

The snap of your neck is sometimes great enough to cause a bone or two of the neck to MOVE slightly from their normal positions with resultant interference with your spinal nerves. Now you have a neck injury.

This interference with the spinal nerves may cause neuralgia of the neck, numbing sensations  and even headaches.

 Doesn’t have to happen overnight either.

  These symptoms of a whiplash can manifest themselves 5, 10 or even 15 years later.

Chiropractic correction of the position of the bones is the answer for such strains of the neck area , (not necessarily traction or medications).

Make sure you checked immediately by this office Access Family Chiropractic with me Dr. Rodney Thomas if you’re ever in a car accident. Don’t delay because it only gets worse by then.