Whiplash injuries can be so slight that at first you don’t even know you are injured or extremely severe with multiple broken bones. In the more severe cases people know they are injured and seek help.  it is the mild injuries that are more insidious, as symptoms can be delayed for days, you might not even know what caused them, yet they can continue for years. In a typical rear end car collision that causes whiplash, your car, the seat and your body are pushed forward but your head stays behind momentary rocking up and back until some of the muscles and ligaments of the neck are stretched or torn.  then, because your foot is on the brake or your car hits the car ahead, the car decelerates abruptly throwing the head forward and down even more violently causing more serious tissue injury.  Tis secondary whipping of the head forward gives it the name whiplash. Symptoms can inckude neck pain, headaches, shoulder and low back pain, blurred vision, ringing in the ears, nausea, and others.  These typically do not present themselves for two or more hours and often up to two days after the accident. A recent study adds to previous research showing that chiropractic care is very effective for these injuries. The Quebec Automobile Insurance Society reviewed some 10,832 articles on car of whiplash injuries and they recommended spinal manipulation or spinal adjustments as effective care for whiplash injury while rejecting a host of other treatments. Don’t Wait! If you believe you may have a whiplash injury from a recent accident or a blow to the body in the past, or if the symptoms listed above sound familiar stop in or make an appointment with Dr. Rod Thomas @ Access Family Chiropractic Today!